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The mission of the Sheriff's Office is to protect the lives and property of the citizens of this community, to preserve the peace and to prevent crime and disorder while constantly guarding personal liberties as prescribed by law. Counties Sheriff department has 3200 employees serving the county.

Counties sheriff department is divided into Department of Patrol and Enforcement, Department of Investigation and Homeland Security, Department of Police Services, Department of Personnel and Professional Standards and department of corrections.

Department of Investigation and Homeland Security:

Department of Investigation and Homeland Security is further divided into following units.

Burglary Unit: investigates all business and residential burglaries as well as thefts over a certain dollars amount.

Crime Scene Unit: photographs and processes crime scenes for latent fingerprints and other evidence to identify suspects.

Economic Crimes: Unit investigates forgeries, frauds including internet fraud, bank fraud, credit card fraud, identity theft,con games and other economic crimes.

Forensic Artist: provides composite drawings, reconstructive sculptures of unidentified skeletal remains and demonstrative evidence including court charts, graphs and three-dimensional models.

Latent Print Unit: processes evidence for latent fingerprints using physical and chemical processes to develop and enhance the prints.

Photo Lab: processes, prints and maintains all crime scene photos and provides departmental portrait and identification photography, court enlargements, and photographs of Sheriff's Office events.

Polygraph Unit: administers polygraph examinations to police applicants, suspects, victims, and witnesses involved in criminal investigations.

Police Services:
Police Services Division's primary purpose is to manage the critical support functions for all personnel employed by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and other members within the community.

Department of Corrections:
Jails - The primary function of the Jails Division is to contribute to the overall level of public safety through the incarceration of pretrial inmates.

Prisons - Utilizes sentenced prisoners to give back to the community while positively impacting the recidivism rate of our prisoners.

Contact information:
Phone: (904) 630-0500.


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